Beauty Eurasia, which offers a quality and effective exhibition experience to cosmetics, beauty and personal care industries, has been bringing together its exhibitors with buyers from their target markets and industry professionals for 19 years.
Unmatched in their quality of bringing together supply and demand under one roof in a B2B setting, another reason why exhibitions surpass other marketing tools is that they allow products to be examined personally.
Because exhibitions like BeautyEurasia have already become attraction points in the industries they serve, they are preferred by companies to help them make a substantial contribution to their annual targets in just a few days, analyze the competition, make comparisons and position themselves accurately in their markets.




Istanbul Fair Center, Yeşilköy Istanbul, Fuar Merkezi, 34149 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Booth No:

HALL 6, B444


M Beauty is new gen emerging girl & new gen philosophy of your sanitary care lifestyle. M Beauty sanitary brand offers you a professional sanitary protection for global gorgeous woman and unleash girl be free and be better more by creative technology and product. 

01. Zero Feel Rapid Absorption Pad Series

Super absorption soft & comfortable, 20X Super absorbency made of high tech absorbent system and 7.3 billion air micropores.

02. Comfortable Sleep Period Panty Series

360° Prevents leakage sleep for anti-leakage in heavy day and night, up to 12 hours super dry,ultrasonic side seal technology and 20X super absorbent core.

03. 100% Organic Cotton Series

100% organic cotton surface with 0 chlorine and dyes and nasty to give gentle care for you and sensitive skin.

04. Hyper Soft Meow Cotton Pad Series

Soft vital like touching a kitty made of silky comfortable by fast dry on top layer and 4000+ absorbent micropores.

05. Herbal Cooling Fresh Pad Series

5 Hours fresh cooling and 2X drier on surface and super absorbent by seven chips in one.

06. Hijab Soft Black Cottony Series

Hijab soft black cottony by strong glue back and heavy flow absorption care.

To make women around the world more beautiful, elegant and healthy

HQ Address:

801-812 Vanke Honor Mansion, Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Manufacturing Site Address:

No.71.Xinyue 3rd road, Liyue Street, Jianghai district, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

+86 139 2374 7246

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