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China Sanitary Napkins & China Sanitary Napkin Manufacturer

1Industry Experience

BingBing paper is specialized in manufacturing high level, fashionable, safe and healthy feminine hygiene products for women for 29 years and rich experience for contract manufacturing and customization. All products are carried out with the standards of FDA, GOTS, CE, I S O 9 0 0 1, SGS ,ITS ,MSDS etc. Up to day we have been doing more than 150 private labels for 80 countries globally.

(2) Our Facilities

BingBing HQ is located in Shen Zhen, a window of China. It has three branch factories located in  Chongqing, Shanghai and Guangzhou different parts of China for domestic and overseas market . All the sites are well equipped with dust proof clean workshops and high speed auto production lines,total 42 lines for sanitary pads,panty liners and baby diapers.All the devices equipped in high level ensure every pad we produce completely safe, hygienic and high quality. Quality control runs strictly throughout all the links from raw material to finished products.

(3) Library of pads

We have an extensive library of pads and hundreds of cover to choose from, or our expert engineer can custom develop any formula or shape of pads for you.Whether your needs are large or small, Glory Power is the company for you.

(4) Custom packaging

Our Packaging Department is constantly communicating with our vendors to find the newest and most innovative components on the market. You can either choose from our wide selection of packaging styles, or we can help you find the packaging that’s right for you and custom fill it in-house.


(5) Capacity


(6) Non stop innovation

From ordinary thick fluffy pad to ultra thin breathable pad, from continuous improved fabric and appearance of the pad to herbal extracts, anion, bamboo charcoal widely used in sanitary pad, from ordinary pad to organic pad, from non sterile to 100% sterile medical grade, Glory Power always explores new opportunities and walks in the forefront of reform.

From start to finish; from conceptualization to innovative finished product; whatever vision you have for your business, Glory Power can and will make it a reality.




(7) Whom we cooperate with

Basically there are three major elements to make high quality sanitary pads a reality,especially the first two elements,

  1. High quality raw materials
  2. Auto high speed technological advanced production lines
  3. Excellent production management

Hotmelt adhesive from Henkle Germany

SAP from Sumitomo Japan

Fluff pulp from Weyerhaeuser USA

Non woven from Xin Long ,China

Production lines from Zuico Japan & Fameccanica Italy etc.




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