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  • sanitary napkins

    sanitary napkins free samples

    100% organic cotton top sheet for maximum soft and

  • Panty liner

    Panty liner free samples

    Perfect body fit and food grade adhesive keeps the

  • Maternity pad

    Maternity pad free samples

    Extra large size provides maternity women maximum

  • Tampon

    Tampon free samples

    Soft rounded tip and silky smooth finish for comfo

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    Sanitary napkin factory -Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd.

    Sanitary napkin factory -Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd.

    Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd. is a Sanitary napkin factory specialized in manufacturing high level, fashionable, safe and healthy feminine hygiene products for women for 28 years. All products are carried out with the standards of FDA, GOTS, CE, I S O 9 0 0 1, SGS ,ITS ,MSDS etc.



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